Self-regulated Strategy Development for Math (SRSDMATH), is a novel approach to solving math problems using research-based methods.  The SRSD strategy was developed by Karen Harris to aid in the writing compositions of students with disabilities.  It has since been used to teach writing, reading, and math for these same students.  The math strategies used in previous research have focused on word problems and vocabulary.  SRSDMATH, developed by Ennis and Losinski, builds on this solid foundation to include strategic instruction in the calculation of math problems starting with the addition and subtraction of fractions with reducing and mixed numbers.


Losinski, M., Ennis, R. P., Sanders, S.A., & Wiseman, N. (2019).  An Investigation of SRSD to

          Teach Fractions to Students with Disabilities. Exceptional Children.


Ennis, R. P. & Losinski, M.  (2019).  SRSD Fractions: Helping Students at Risk for Disabilities Add/

          Subtract Fractions With Unlike Denominators.  Journal of Learning Disabilities, 52(5), 399-412

We are currently conducting a series of studies to determine the effects of the SRSDMATH interventions.  If interested in updated results, to be a research participant, or to conduct your own research with these materials, you may contact the authors at


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